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Real life, in the trenches lessons for succeeding in sales no matter if you've been in sales 5 minutes or 5 decades
Sales is a Game of Pressure
You're under pressure to earn your commission. You're under pressure to close the prospect. And if you’re a business owner or sales manager, you’re under pressure to keep your team performing and motivated by their success.
When we choose a life in business and in sales, we literally risk it all...
Our income, our security, our homes and our reputation. Everything rises and falls on our ability to close sales confidently, and with a certain level of predictability. High Stakes Selling contains simple, practical, real life examples of how to excel in the tough and competitive world of selling. Whether you have been in sales for five weeks or five decades, you’ll learn strategies and proven techniques to significantly increase your results, elevate your confidence and multiply your income.
meet the man behind the book
John Blake
Who is John Blake? Over the past 28 years, John Blake has been a successful salesperson, sales manager, business owner, author and sales coach and mentor. John is obsessed with helping business people explode their sales results using a unique process that empowers both his clients and their clients to be 100 percent sincere and avoid dated, clichéd sales approaches.  John's clients typically experience a faster sales cycle and boosted confidence in their sales teams, which means a more enjoyable, profitable experience for both his clients and their customers.

Here is what others who have had first hand experience with John's strategies have to say!!!

John delivers implementable personal, team and corporate strategies to win in one of the toughest, yet most lucrative careers going.

James Klobassa - The Experts Mentor

High Stakes Selling is a must-read for anybody who wants to learn an authentic, proven system for approaching sales. It a highly engaging read that uses stories and personal experiences, you feel like John is in the room helping you along the way.

Nash Davis - Personal Trainer

This book is a really refreshing & raw insight into the sales world with a twist – John adds a personal side to it that we can all relate to. John’s world is just like your world and this book is definitely worth a read!

David Ham

I loved your book, not only was it inspiring it was also really well paced, there were some great references in there for me to utilise, whilst not all of your examples are applicable to my business model there are some fantastic examples that I can apply & as you say early on, not only for my professional life but my personal as well.

Tobias Leago
What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
This book provides dozens of in the trenches, practical examples of how to succeed in the world of sales. Not only "what" to do but "how" to do it. It's literally like being personally coached by John Blake
Here's what you'll learn:
  • The three most important elements to developing bullet proof confidence.
  • The 14 step process to bouncing back from even the most crippling slumps or setbacks 
  • The three pillars to winning high ticket sales with your dream clients in a systemised repeatable way.
Page 24. How to understand the mission critical numbers in any sales role.
Page 95. The simple two step process for setting up a service based business entirely on your terms
Page 69. How to go from single transaction selling and trading time for dollars to longer term high ticket contracts 
Page 132. The 6 step Direct to Corporate formula for winning your dream clients
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